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The Height of Too Muchery - New Equipment

It's been a fun week! So, I don't have much of a topic for this post, but I thought "Hey, I should talk about that fun thing I just got." "What's that thing?" I hear you ask. It's a drone. And I promptly had it model for a photoshoot. Yep, I'm just getting to the point where I'd classify myself a step beyond enthusiast with a DSLR and I step into another world that blends cinematography and photography. The thing is so COOL! It's surprisingly tiny for what it can do. I imagined you needed one of those big drones (phantom or larger) to get the good stuff. There are advantages to size (payload and such) but for photos and video, this dude works fine! So smawww next to that controller (Pixel 2 in the controller for scale) Some initial details - you've got to be in the right spot mentally to get started. It's some pretty serious business as these are technically aircraft and the guv'ment does like to regulate t

Adventure Time - Starry Shots

Time for some night sky photos! The most important part is to rid yourself of light pollution. Since it would take a heck of a lot of BBs to shoot out all the light sources in Columbus, it was far easier to head down to Burr Oak State Park  and set up camp for a night. Literally. The location was chosen due to being outside of any city lights and having a nice beach by a lake that would offer a great view of the sky as well as composition benefits (I got a few using reflections). The specific date of 6/13/18 was the new moon, so a priority was to see a bit of the galactic spine. I was accompanied by Jacquie - friend and former bandmate (and the person behind the Leafy Season Designs that I showcased in my last post). I had five major pieces of equipment that I made use of for the photos: Canon 6D MII Zomei tripod  (great advanced-but-still-budget tripod) My new Sigma 20mm 1.4 Art lens My phone to shoot remotely A goddam microfiber cloth (more on that late

Glossy Jewelry

That's my challenge. Photograph some glossy (epoxied) jewelry and reduce the glare. The first thing I did was to take some outdoor photos with the bohemian-esque accessories (shout out to the awesome Leafy Season Designs - Etsy store , Instagram ). Those came out pretty neat, I think. I tried to match the feel I got from the product, itself. I grabbed an old piece of wood and chopped it up with an ax, which felt cool. I also grabbed some leaves from volunteer plants by my fence, as well as my dog's chew toy antler. I put together a nice series (all shot with the 6D MII and 70 - 200 f/2.8 L). Here's a handful for the total feel: Leafy Season, indeed It might look like a mess from the above phone shot Much different from this angle I edited each ring like this - I liked the ability to make a collage or use them individually Some leaves were sacrificed for this project Looked like a blue-eyed monster with an underbite These would make good Instag