Two Years

So, in just two years, I feel like I've only dipped my toe in the waters of photography.
The goals are always to get better, expand what I know and can do, and get more comfortable.

So, just to keep myself honest - I've contacted some models on a local model/photog facebook page and plan on setting something up soon, and submitted some photographs to the photography contest at the Ohio State Fair. I just got back today that after some several hundred applicants, I had one of mine chosen for an award!

Chosen photo
This is a pretty popular place for photographers to grab a quick unique look at our city. Pretty sure no one's supposed to be on the abandoned overpass, but, eh. It's my tax dollars being withheld from turning it into a cool greenscape so I'll cross the orange fence boundary if I want.

That's about it for this short post. Oh wait, or is it?!
Just after my last post on 7/1, I was inspired to check out the wetland area near me again. I checked the forecast and saw no rain around me. Naturally, Mulder and I got caught in a thunderstorm. We took shelter under a bridge after walking through it for a bit. I was a little worried it wasn't going to stop, but as with all weather in Ohio, just wait ten minutes and it will change.
We were on our way back to the yellow wildflowers and, the thunderstorm just leaving left such a beautiful scene (with all the petals and plants in general weighed down by the deluge).

So much yellow!

Be different!

It looked wayyyy different than when it was dry. Braving the storm (and certain death-by-lightning) was worth it.

So worth it
One strength I think I've developed well is to share the beauty of what I see. I try to grab what I think are interesting shots of already cool areas or even normal areas to give a perspective that can show it off in a different way than normal (like that shot above).
Then, sometimes, it's all about being able to just take what you're given. I got lucky this time around. When I was kneeling down to take the above photo, a deer came out. Luckily, those flowers were tall enough that it didn't see Mulder and Mulder didn't see it. My challenge was that I didn't have the 70-200 on, but had my wide-angle. This was a real test of the Sigma Art 20mm. It passed every test.

Also, this presented a great chance to edit a good amount of photos in different styles!

The deer had enough
Some great times out in my own backyard.

The happiest
On the way out


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