A Very Prestigious Award!

I've been kind of away from projects or anything lately, so I don't have anything new or interesting to add - just wanted to share that I'm still here!

Life's been hectic in that I'll be looking for a new job later this year (womp womp) and Abbey (the wifey) and I are working on our house. Like, really working. Prepping for a refi and 4 - 5 major projects (redoing floors, new porch roof, landscaping, new doors, redone kitchen ceiling). Whew. We're doing as much of the heavy work as we can to save $$, and a 108 year old house will provide several unwelcome surprises.

But this is a photography blog. What updates do I have for that? Well, I can now count myself as an award winning photographer! First place at the Ohio State Fair!!

What's the winning picture? Well, it's that landscape of Columbus I grabbed from the abandoned highway overpass.

I do love the lines and position of LeVeque Tower

Pretty cool. I had to drop it in the "other" category, but I'm really proud I was able to place at all, let alone get first.

I think in photography, as with most things, I like to do what I do and sometimes it will align with what other people like - but I always do what I do with hopes that others will enjoy what I'm showing, so the occasional validation is certainly welcome.


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